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Buck Ruxton


Bukhtyar Rustomji Ratanji Hakim


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Isabella Ruxton

Isabella Rogerson






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Mr Justice Singleton


Joseph Jackson K.C

David Fyfe K.C

Hartley Shawcross


Norman Birkitt KC


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1930, Dr Buktyar Rustomi started his own Surgery, along with his wife Isabella, at Dalton Square in Lancaster, changing his name to Buck Ruxton to be more accepted by the locals. Isabella was a socialite and very popular in the Lancaster set. Ruxton was a quiet man and jealous of his wife's popularity. He also suspected and accused her of having affairs, she rejected this, there never was any proof.


September 1935, Ruxton and Isabella had a row in the front room, he accused her of having an affair, he strangled her with his bare hands  Unfortunately for her the Ruxton's employed a maid, Mary Rogerson, she witnessed the whole thing, and in Ruxton's eyes also had to die.


Ruxton had to get rid of 2 bodies, He dismembered the bodies, wrapping body parts in newspaper and dumping them over a 100 mile radius of Lancaster.

Unfortunately for him one of the newspapers he used was a subscription only paper, the investigating officers were suddenly presented with a list of potential suspects to work through. He dumped many of the body parts in the SDcotish borders area, and on his way home hit a man on his bicycle near the town of Kendal. He drove off, the man made a note of the registration number, and called police. Police went to talk to Ruxton about the incident, and also about the disappearance of his maid, who had been reported missing by her mother.


The bodies were identified using the new technologies of fingerprint identification, and forensic entomology, where the age of maggots can be used to work out such things as the date of death. This was one of the first cases in legal history in the UK to successfully use these new technologies.


13th October 1935, at 7:20am Ruxton was arrested and charged with the murder of Mary Rogerson.


5th November 1935, He was further charged with the murder of his wife Isabella Ruxton.


2nd March 1936, The murder trial of Buck Ruxton starts.


13th March 1936 The jury returned a verdict of 'guilty. The trial judge Mr Justice Singleton sentenced him to death.


27th April 1936, There was a petition appealing for clemency, this was rejected by the Court of Criminal Appeals.


12th May 1936, Ruxton was hanged at Strangways prison in Manchester.




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