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26th April 1999

Kill Place:

Fulham - London




Victim: Jill Dando


9 November 1961




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26th April 1999
Jill Dando left the home of her fiancé, Dr. Alan Farthing, and returned to her own house in Gowan Avenue, Fulham, West London.
As she reached her front door at about 11:30am, she was shot once in the head
Her body was discovered shortly after by a friend, Dando was taken to Charing Cross Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival at 1:03pm. She was just 37 years old.

The murder investigation by the Police – named Operation Oxborough – lasted for well over a year.
Dando's status as a well known public figure brought her into contact with thousands of people, there was fevered press speculation about the motive for her killing,

With little progress after a year, a case review highlighted a suspect who had been overlooked, the police focused on the odd behaviour of a man who lived around half-a-mile from Dando's home. After a period of police surveillance, police arrested Barry George for her murder.

2nd July 2001, George was found guilty of murder in a trial at the Old Bailey, and was sentenced on to life imprisonment.

November 2007, Barry George successfully appealed his conviction and was held in custody in Whitemoor Prison, pending retrial in 2008.

2002, the Court of Appeal's judgment on the appeal, having addressed a number of grounds including eyewitness testimony, scientific evidence and the role of the trial judge, concluded that the verdict of the jury was not unsafe and the appeal was dismissed.

March 2006, Barry George's lawyers sought an appeal on fresh evidence based on medical examinations suggesting he was not capable of committing the crime because of his mental disabilities, and that the circumstances surrounding the original arrest were inaccurate.

September 2006, following investigations by George's campaigners and a BBC-TV Panorama documentary about the conviction, broadcast in the UK on 5th September 2006 and which included an interview with the foreman of the jury at the original trial, fresh evidence was submitted to the Criminal Cases Review Commission by the programme-makers and by Barry George's solicitor.
The evidence was concerned with scientific analysis of the alleged gunshot residue, eyewitness evidence, and psychiatric reports.

20th June 2007
, the Criminal Cases Review Commission announced that it would refer George's case to the Court of Appeal.

5th November 2007 Trial begins,. One of the defence team's main grounds of appeal was that the single particle of gunshot residue in George's coat pocket was not evidence which conclusively linked George to the crime scene; it could have appeared as a result of contamination of the coat when it was placed on a mannequin to be photographed as police evidence.

7th November 2007 the Court of Appeal reserved judgement in the case and on;
15th November 2007 it was announced that the appeal was allowed and the conviction quashed.

14th December 2007, Barry George appeared before the old Bailey, and as in the original trial pleaded not guilty to the murder of Jill Dando.

9th June 2008, new trial starts

Friday 1st August 2008, Barry George was found not guilty ands was acquitted of all charges. He was released an innocent man.


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