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Ian Kevin Huntley


Soham Murders


31st January 1974
Kill Total: 2

Kill date:

4 August 2002

Kill Place:

Soham, Cambridgeshire




School Caretaker


Holly Wells

Jessica Chapman






Old Bailey


Mr Justice Moses











4th August 2002, .Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, both 10, disappeared from their home town of Soham in Cambridgeshire


17th August 2002, .The girls bodies were found in a ditch by the fence at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.


20th August 2002, Ian Huntley is arrested and charged with two murders.

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Monday 3rd November 2003, Ian Huntley & Maxine Carr appeared at the Old Bailey in London, accused of abducting and murdering Holly and Jessica.. The first two days consisted of legal and procedural issues and included swearing in the Jury. the trial proper began on Wednesday 5th November 2003.


Wednesday 17th December 2003. Huntley sentenced to life imprisonment for double murder.
After his arrest Huntley was sectioned under the mental health act and was being held at a secure unit, and underwent extensive psychiatric tests.

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14 September 2005 Huntley was scalded with boiling water when another inmate attacked him.


29 September 2005, High Court Judge Mr Justice Moses, who presided over Huntley's original trial, ruled that he should spend 40 years in prison before he can be considered for parole.


5 September 2006, Huntley was found unconscious in his prison cell, thought to have taken an overdose.


27 September 2007, Huntley managed to get hold of enough drugs to take an overdose, the third occasion Huntley has done this. He was taken to Pinderfields hospital in West Yorkshire and returned shortly afterwards to HMP Wakefield


April 2007 Hailey Giblin, from Lincolnshire, was awarded a claim for civil damages against Huntley after a court ruled that he had molested her when she was aged 11. Huntley had admitted that in the summer of 1997 he had taken her from the street she lived in, to an orchard where she was subject to a sexual attack at his hands.


28 January 2008, Huntley was Moved to HMP Frankland prison in Durham after it was calculated that it was costing 1,128 per day to keep Huntley on 24 hour suicide watch.


March 2010, Huntley's throat slashed by fellow inmate Damien Fowkes. at HMP Frankland.   Huntley was in hospital for three days and needed 21 stitches,  the wound was 7in (18cm) long.

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Ian Huntley


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